Credit card without credit line?

What would a credit card look like if the credit limit is not predefined but varies?

Some people find it very good and that is why there are credit cards on the market that are not predetermined, but vary widely depending on the type of customer you are. In addition, they often do not have (at least publicity!) A maximum credit limit.

Credit card without credit line


In most cases, all credit cards have certain features: They provide you with up to 45 days of non-interest payment, secure your online shopping, for example – and usually have a credit line. Credit line refers to the maximum loan amount you can take with your card. It usually varies depending on the card and the customer, but credit cards usually have a tell-tale accordion on which the credit line will go, for example, $ 1,000 – $ 5,000.

However, not all cards indicate the maximum credit limit. This is due to the fact that they do not have an officially fixed maximum credit limit, but are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Examples of such cards are Good Finance or American Express.

What is an Unlimited Credit Card?

What is an Unlimited Credit Card?

“Unlimited credit card” is a somewhat misleading term, since in most cases ordinary mortgage credit cards are not about the endless availability of credit. The issue is that the maximum credit limit has not been cut in stone beforehand.

These cards also have the lowest credit line. All credit card holders are automatically granted some credit, for example EUR 5,000, which also serves as a minimum credit line. It can be flexed upwards in principle, however much, according to the customer’s income, payment history and the lender’s lending policy.

In practice, while the credit line for credit cards generally ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000, you can get a much higher loan with a credit card. An unlimited credit card is used, for example, to make individual expensive purchases: For example, buying a long-dreamed boat or car. Another common use is business use.

Here’s how a credit card without a maximum credit line works:


  1. The credit line is based, among other things, on your payment history and can be very small at first, like $ 2,000 per month.
  2. Depending on the lender’s ability to trust that the customer will pay their bills on time, the credit line will begin to rise.
  3. The more you use the card and the more conscientious your bills will pay off, the higher your credit card will rise.

Often the cards also have room for negotiation. For example, if you have a lower credit line than a single expensive purchase would require, you can often negotiate, for example, a temporarily higher credit line.

  1. For example, a customer wants to pay for a boat with a credit card, but notices that the credit line on the card does not give up.
  2. The customer will contact the lender. The customer says he wants to buy a boat on credit, and the one-time payment exceeds the credit limit on his credit card.
  3.   The lender advises, among other things, the customer’s solvency and payment history and, based on these, evaluates whether to grant a higher credit line.

Which credit cards do not have a maximum credit limit?

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We have worked out for you which credit cards available in the Finnish market do not have a maximum credit limit.

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